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Pharmaceutical Discovery
Screening for drug candidates from virtually millions of potential sources.
Genomics & Proteomics
Improved throughput in PCR and DNA extractions.
Alternate Energy
Multi-motion and Thermal Solutions in the creation of biofuels from animal and vegetable waste, as well as algae and plant products.
Custom Products
Helping to speed up research and quality control in food processing, drinking water and food safety, as well as in the coatings industry.

Welcome to Union Scientific

Patented, innovative microplate mixers and lab shakers for researchers and the biotechnology industry.

Union Scientific Corporation has been a developer and manufacturer of innovative mixing solutions for researchers and the biotechnology industry for over thirty years.

Our patented electromagnetic mixing equipment has been used to solve many different mixing problems, both with small quantities of liquids and in the suspension of fine particulate solids in fluidized beds. Our shakers can provide vigorous or gentle agitation of your samples.

In fact, we may have already designed a mixer with the specific motion required by your protocol.